Di Hu


Di Hu

11:10 min



From an emotional standpoint, I have a deep attachment to both cities, having lived in both for many years. On the more practical side, I have made this film to express my concerns regarding the urbanization and globalization of Shanghai, elements of which have turned Shanghai into a science-fiction like landscape through the blending of pre-industrial and hypermodern elements. The images presented in this film are not meant to be viewed passively, I want the audience to observe and think through the subject matter freely.

Di Hu is a video artist and film researcher based in Shanghai. He studied Chinese Literature at Zhejiang University before going on to study cinema at several universities in Paris (Paris 1, Paris 7 and Paris 3). His varied works investigate the legacy of the cinema through the interpretation of the forms, codes and narratives of films by means of video art. He also engages with film language as an efficient tool to demystify complex social-political constructions, especially that of the Chinese society. His works have been screened and exhibited at Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Dallas Medianale, Images Contre Nature, Magmart International Videoart Festival, Channels Festival at the Australian Center for the Moving Images, EXiS at Korean Film Archive and Traverse Vidéo at Cinémathèque de Toulouse, among others.