Gian Cruz & Claire Villacorta

city scape no 3_still 08.jpg

city-scape no3

3min 32seg

city-scape is an ongoing video, dance, performance collaboration that serves as a linguistic intervention; a stand-in for “city that escapes.” Cruz and Villacorta examines the notion of fleeting identities in relation to cities and bodies in relation to their hometown Manila and its historicities and contexts respective to particular spaces they work with. It plays along an interesting point of view as city-scape examines through a queer Asian male body (Cruz) through the optic of a female observer (Villacorta) as they play around aesthetics and dance as an act of resistance to transform their identities in light of the global and the digital age, a constant transformation, and something always in transition.

This particular body of work explores gestures of the digital as how performances and gestures dissipate through a digital platform. It plays around identities alongside linguistic interventions about a city that escapes that also falls well within the context of the work being explored as a process and a dialogue rendered through the digital. It posits a counternarrative about bodies and cities in its fleeting nature as well as the inscribed postcolonial and decolonial tendencies of the intent by the two authors (Cruz and Villacorta) and the respective contexts they play with and operate from.

Gian Cruz (b.1987) and Claire Villacorta (b.1975) are two artists living and working in Manila, Philippines. Cruz is an artist/photographer/art critic while Villacorta is a writer/filmmaker and is actively involved in Philippine independent publishing. Their collaborative project city-scape, which is a linguistic intervention for city that escapes explores through the mediums of performance, dance and video their respective identities and relationship with different spaces throughout Manila. Since they have embarked on the project in 2013, they have exhibited their project in Norway, Romania, Spain, Germany, Philippines, Argentina, Israel, Korea, to name a few. Some of their most notable exhibitions include Verbo 2018 Mostra de Performance Arte 14a edição, Jornadas de Reflexión Analogicó-Digital (in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires), Manila Pollination of the London Biennale and the Transart Triennale in 2016 and Performance Art Oslo in 2013.