Bárbara Marcel y Alice Dalgalarrondo

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Dark Horse
Bárbara Marcel y Alice Dalgalarrondo 
5:41 min

The video “Dark Horse” is result of a collaborative work between Barbara Marcel and Alice Dalgalarrondo during a artistic residency on the Greek island of Syros. The residency was organized by the Greek artistic collective Campus Novel and occupied an old monastery in the island, now base of the Syros Institute, resulting in a one month group exhibition between July and August 2015. Artists and theorists from Greece and abroad were invited to think over the particular topology of lighthouses in order to shed light on a series of issues concerning architecture, industrial archaeology, the notions of networks and grids, as well as territoriality and fluidity. The initial research focus is on the lighthouse of the island Didimi or Gaidouronisi near the port of Ermoupolis, in Syros. The specific lighthouse is the first one to be built by the Greek state and it was chosen as a knot of an extended lighthouse network. Taking it as its starting point, the video reflects the excess of information distributed within the political context of the country in the summer of 2015.